Review of “The Matrix” movie and sequels


Why did you like this film?

Its one of the few films where you are expected to be smart and follow the in depth philosophical questions of life and battles of societies of robots vs. humanity.  Additionally, the movie takes itself seriously as if this were reality, which I enjoy tremendously.

What are the philosophies debated in the film?

In the first film, it is the debate of what is our reality and are our sensations really the reality of the world.  Could a smart enough artificial intelligence design a complete enough world to fool the human mind and body?  They bring up smart remarks like chicken tasting like chicken.


Another important question it brings up is how far you can push yourself or be pushed around by life.  The majority of society kind of goes with the flow to succeed while the select few chose to rebel and actually succeed in spite of life’s challenges.


How well were the other two films shot? 

I think the directors did a great job in the quality of the fight scenes and philosophical debates.  On the other hand, by the third film the main character is flying around and one of the robot is self replicating, which seems a bit of a stretch of reality.  They are also great films, but very dependent on thoroughly understanding the first film.


What new elements did they bring in the second two films?

One is the debate of cause and effect vs. the option of choice.  Many humans simply react like animals in Pavlov’s experiment while the select few can chose to not react to pain or the situation they are in.

This last point is very encapsulating.  I also found a similar theme in WWII with Viktor Frankl, who went to the concentration camps despite having an exit to honor his parent who could not escape.  He wrote and rewrote his book several times on being able to remain human despite living in subhuman conditions in the camp system.  This is the ultimate power each one of has, but may never act on. Below is my work about him using his number tattooed into his arm by the Nazi guards.


Are you working on a painting related to the movie?

Stay tuned.  I am very close to completely a work.  My work takes the movie plus our current political environment in the cyber war unfolding between the great powers. Another debate is the right to steal from the hacker world vs. the value of property rights in the West. Which should win out?

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