Interview of “I’m CEO… Bitch!” painting


How did you come to paint it?

Well, one of the ex-employees of Facebook saw the painting of my “This… is… Google!” painting and wanted to commission me on to do a Facebook version.


“This… is… Google!” painting

What is the Google work about?

I learned of the debate with Google senior ranks of the hacking against political rights activists into gmail accounts by the Chinese government.  Then Google decided to move its operations out of mainland China to Hong Kong site only to avoid having to censor their own users for the Chinese government.  I was floored by their decision to “do no evil” by sacrificing profits for good will.

Why did you use such a wild title?

As stated in the movie “Social Network” about the formation of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had his first business cards actually printed with the text “I’m CEO bitch!”  I verified this account as well. It really captures the wild days of the foundation and honesty of Facebook in the face of rigidity of social preconceptions as well.

What exactly are Facebook Stories?

These are the amazing stories of how long lost relatives found each other on Facebook, people founded great organizations via Facebook and other amazing discoveries.  Its kind of a bragging rights site, but truly shows the amazing power of Facebook in people’s lives to make a difference for themselves and empower groups.

What are each of the scenes of Facebook about?


In the F letter, we have Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and face of the company founding.  There are conspiracies of the power of Facebook that people speculated about in its founding from DARPA to the CIA.

A and C Letter


In the second letter of A, we have the battle in the internet of the new social media sites, competition and partners of Facebook.  The big one being Farmville game, which challenged Facebook’s patience at one point with all the invites.  Similarly, Candy Crush likely is testing the patience as well of current users.

In the C letter, we have the political rise of power using Facebook, namely in the historic campaign of Barack Obama in 2008 and the famous Hope Poster of Shephard Fairey.  Another important feature of Facebook and other social media was the impact in the Arab Spring with Time Magazine and the Protester cover image.

E Letter


In the E letter, we have the mothers milking controversy of Facebook with mothers posting pictures of naked breast feeding.  There was an internal battle whether this violated the policy of Facebook with the users strongly influencing the decision to let them stay.  I playfully put in the corporate “Got Milk” ad campaign, since this is a competitor to mother’s milk.

B Letter


In the B letter, we have one of the most popular Facebook web pages of South Park.  This cartoon in its self is very inflammatory testing society’s level of acceptance and hypocrisy.

O Letters


In the first O letter, I took on the topic of breaking the barriers of hate via Facebook.  I posted an amazing ad by Benettonthat was pulled the same day it went up! The company was pressured by the Vatican itself to pull it.  It has the Pope kissing an Imam, which tears at the tenants of religious hate and the issue of religious views on LGBT relationships as well.  It is also a remake of an historical event of the USSR General Secretary Brezhnev kissing the Eastern German President at the time at 30th anniversary of Communism in East Germany in 1979.  Below is a Berlin Wall cynical painting in 1989 of that historic kiss.


“My God help me survive this deadly love” painting

In the second O letter, we have the maps of the greatest users of Facebook pared with the countries of highest levels of censure against Facebook.

K Letter


In the K letter, we have the initial beginnings of Facebook predecessors like Hot or Not and Facemash, which led to Mark Zuckerberg deciding to take the company to the next level.  Of course, you have to have the famous Like button as well included.

Is this work for sale?

No, the work is in a private collection currently.


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Interview on “Remember the 5th of November” painting


So what is this title about in November?


It is a line from the V for Vendetta movie in which V, the lead freedom fighter rescues a girl about to be raped by the secret police of the futuristic London and says…


What exactly is he referring to?

In London, there is a Guy Fawkes holiday that falls on November the 5th, 1605.  It was the night that Guy Fawkes tried to overthrow the current King of England by blowing up Parliament.  Later it became a grand holiday that people dance to and light up bonfires.

In the futuristic movie, this holiday was banned and forgot, so the villain/hero decides to retry to blow up Parliament to overthrow the dictator Adam Sandler from power.


Are there any parallels in our present day?

Well, if you look at UK they have over 1.4 million cameras run by CCTV to watch for crime.  This is equivalent to one camera every 32 people in the whole country mostly in urban settings.  This same use of cameras could be used as a way to control the population if an autocratic government came to power as in the movie V for Vendetta.


In the US, the government set up Prism under the NSA.  The government story is that they only use it to check on the location of your phone number.  While Edward Snowden claims that they are using it to track any civilian virtually online with data up to 7 years in the past.  Sounds like a witch hunt of the civilian population.  This makes Nixon and McCarthy era look like Sesame Street in comparison.  This tool could easily be used to control a civilian population under an autocratic regime.  With the current Obama regime using the IRS to hinder the popular vote to possibly skew a popular election, you definitely have to be wondering where this is heading.  Are we still in a democracy?


If you look at the US Constitution, the 4th Amendment strictly says government is not allowed to illegal search.  If you look at the NSA and Prism, this is an illegal search of the whole US population at will.  The government claims these are in check in under a secret court FISA.  Why does the court have to be secret?  Are the courts and President truly following the US constitution they are sworn to uphold?


Which scene is the painting about?

In the film, the hero/villain survives a violent fire of the labs they run human experiments.  These experiments alters his DNA to have super-human traits while at the same time inventing a cure to the terrible virus the government unleashes on the population to seal the absolute power they take over the government.

How did the fictional dictator come to power in the film?

The group uses paranoia of the virus infection, hatred of minorities and fear.  As the inspector in the film finds out the genius of the plan is the fear instilled in the population.

Are there parallels in today’s world?

If you look at modern TV anchors, rather than reporting the news objectively they state their opinions.  Usually, it is how one side or the other is racist, hates minorites and is not worth listening to.  In a true democracy, people debate the issues and concede when they lost a logical point.  Do we have that in the current TV shouting matches we have nowadays?



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