Miley Cyrus Painting Interview


Why did you decide to paint Miley Cyrus?

For one thing, I had a show to do 16×16 with some red in it.  Miley seemed to be a good fit.  Besides I was tired of artists regurgitating Marilyn Monroe 1000 times since the 1960s.  Dude, she’s dead, let her rest in peace, so we can blog on the next Marilyn Monroe of the 2000s. Marilyn is so 20th century Pop. Once Warhol did it, you are just copying and playing like the 1960s never died.  It was 70 years ago!

maryilyn 1 Warhol

marilyn 2 marilyn 3Modern Copies

So are you saying Miley is the next Marilyn? Isn’t that a bit over the top?

I think the more appropriate comparison would be the next Madonna or Lady Gaga or even Elvis than comparing to Marilyn. Miley started as a typical Disney child singer and has turned this image completely on its head.  She distanced herself from her childhood laurels of Disney Hannah Montana into her own image. Now noone even knows the Hannah Montana reference except her fans.

miley 1Disney Star

miley 2 Transition

miley 3Miley!

Was the shaved head and twerking necessary to her success? Some just shake their head at this.

miley 4

An interesting take on this is looking at Elvis.  When Elvis started, he was second string in an R&B band where he learned all his music and then developed his own dance style that was absolute scandalous at the time.  Miley simply took the basis of the time of shock, say Madonna, with her wild cone boobs and taken it to the next level with twerking.

elvis 1Learning trade

elvis 2Full dance craze

madonna 1

So what elements do you have in the background of your Miley painting?

I have some of the more known scandals that Miley took on to become more famous and draw criticism, which her fans would then ferociously defend. Its kind of a classical become famous, create some scandal, stay famous, sell more records, repeat. One of themes of the day is whether to legalize cannabis usage, which she played up by wearing a marijuana type dress at one of her concerts to play into this modern controversy.

miley weedPlaying up the cannibis controversy

Another fun escapade was playing up the controversy of the porn industry, which has really blossomed as the download speeds have increased from dial-up modem to cable.  Miley takes this on by staging just below porn to be acceptable to her crowd while driving concerned parents into a stir of should I let my daughter see this?

miley dildomiley ball

Another controversy was at a concert in Mexico one of her dancer swatted her with the Mexican flag, which drew some criticism from Mexican fan base.

miley flag

Are these relevant at all long term?

Well, I think the shaved head look will definitely be the bad haircut of the decade similarly to how mullets were notorious in the 1980s.  If you look, several female stars have copied Miley’s move to short hair:

miley copy 1 miley hair copy 2 Kanye West Show : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012

Of course, you could say that Miley copied the look from the infamous scene in V for Vendetta where Natalie Portman gets forced to have her head shaved in her imprisonment in V’s fake prison.  Could be also a take on Demi Moore shaving her head in GI Jane.  In any case, it really hits the nail on the head of picking up this famous scene into a fashion that other female celebrities have tried to rock.

shaved headgi jane

So what is 4 out of 5 dentists approve line?

Back in the 1970s, Trident chewing gum had this great commercial for its sugarfree gum that dentists actually approve this gum over others.  It makes you wonder if the 5th dentist was in the pocket of the sugar industry or what.  Maybe he was in the pocket of Disney execs, who likely are shaking their head at Miley ruining their income for old Hannah Montana video rental streams.

4 out of 5 dentistsmad mickey

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