Googleplus good for art business?

ShawN shawN • Good question. At the gallery I paint and work at, I maintain the Google+ site. For the most part, people are really on twitter or facebook and not really on google+ yet. The advantages of Google+ is using circles. Here you can group your connections into custom groups. We use the following circles:

– artists of the gallery

– artists

– artist alumni

– art cliente

– friends


Originally, I had circles for accounting, finance, marketing and other groups of the gallery, but decided that some of the internal messaging may have been blended with the external messaging. So I just focused on the external marketing only.


The main thing to use the site for is to post new paintings, artist interviews, events at the gallery and special visitors to the gallery. I believe this is a great way to promote. That said, I would still tweet or post on Facebook before Google+, since those sites are much more useful.


A cool function of Twitter by extension of the conversation, is the ability to reach a wide unknown audience that are interested in your topics by including a # in front of key words such as #art #painting #gallery #artshow, etc. These symbols then rank inside of twitter and occasionally reach a top 10 list that is instantly refreshed throughout the day, throughout every region and throughout the world. Additionally, on twitter you can retweet found articles you may like or blends well with your twitter account.


Additionally, although Myspace is used infrequently nowadays you can link twitter to that website so it is automatically refreshed. Facebook has a similar function, which duplicates your marketing efforts.