Interview on “Equality 7.2521” painting


What do the numbers mean in this painting?

Well, Equality 7.2521 was a character in a novel written by Ayn Rand called “Anthem”.  The number was his randomly assigned number by a purely socialist government in the future.  In the book, the character uses only the “We” form of talking as “I” was banned by this severe government by all for all.  All is well, until he starts to discover individuality and lost secrets of the past.  Interestingly, the author was between major novels and decided to take a “break” by writing this small novella sized novel in between.

anthem book

Why did you want to paint on Anthem society?

The character really crystalizes in an extreme form the move to further and further elements of socialism and away from a pure individualism type of society.  Its ironic that during the Obama administration that new department heads were formed with czar titles, symbolic of Russian autocratic rule.  Examples include:

Czar of AfPak

Czar of AIDS

Asian Carp Czar

Car Czar

Autoworker Czar

czar obama czar

with a total of 38 czars in a supposed democratic society.  It really demonstrates what the intentions of this type of leader are using autocratic leader terms for a democracy.  What respect of democracy does he entertain? Below you can see the parallels between his propaganda and CCCP Soviet propaganda:

change cccp poster

What was this society based on in the book?

Ayn came from Russia and actually oversaw the fall of the Czar to a republic and then the overthrow to red Communists.  Later came the purges to stimmy any voice of dissent.  If you look to modern parallels you can see any voice of dissent against Obama is labelled racist and rewarded.

oprahoprah medal

Even Oprah supposed called critics of Obama racists.  Its really a sad day when leaders use scape goats rather than accept the blame for failed leadership not driving the change they campaigned on.


What are the images in your painting background?

In the background I have a light surrounding the numbers 7.2521, which symbolizes the rediscovery of electricity by this future society. Many will ask, isn’t that preposterous to “lose” an invention.  Actually, if you look to the Roman Empire, they invented cement, but after the fall of Rome in the post 300s AD, people actually lost this technology as the craftsman with the knowledge were no longer valued in the chaos that followed.  It took almost until the 1800s until cement was actively used again in the “scientific” era.  There is a real danger when a society crumbles that key technological advances get lost.


Other elements are the anthem of the Soviet Union “The Internationale”.  Its only fitting reference to the meaning of the words “Anthem” and the reference to a perfect socialist society Ayn Rand emigrated from before the Iron Curtain slammed shut on that opportunity.


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Interview on “Equality 7.2521” painting


So why did you paint this piece?

It is based on a small novella that Ayn Rand wrote as she took a “break” between writing her two larger novels “Fountain Head” and “Atlas Shrugged”.  This painting is based on the novel “Anthem”, which deals about a pure socialist future world where one individual rediscovers individuality, creativity and electricity.  She was addressing the encroaching socialism under the FDR administration in the 1930s.


How is this relevant today 70 years later?

Well, recently we have seen the spectacular failure of socialization of medical insurance under ACA aka Obamacare.  You are seeing a failed running of massive bureaucracy, consumer fraud rising, doctors kicked off insurance plans and consumers faced with less choice.  All basically less liberty and freedom of choice vs. forced government care or tax penalties.




100s of Gulag sites in USSR

Why was Rand so anti-socialist in the 1930s US?

Well, originally Rand grew up in Russia pre-revolution and actually witnessed the descent into Communism.  Her family lost their pharmacy business to be run by the state and she fled the country. Millions were executed by Lenin and then Stalin in state purges while they set up slave labor prison system called the Gulag with 100s of prisons all over the USSR.  After seeing the misery, poverty and cruelty under state socialism she made it her mission to write against it and form a philosophy called “objectivism”.


What is Objectivism?

Basically, she said laissez-faire capitalism with minimal state intervention was the base of social morality.  In essence, when you buy a good or service, you are free to choose the vendor and whether to buy it at the price stated.  You can bargain if possible and both parties transact at a price both parties agree to.  She also believed no individual owed her fellow man anything except via voluntary charity.  Governments sole role was to dispute arguments arising between individuals or arrest thieves.  Socialism was actually like letting the thieves run government as it is based on forced wealth redistribution: social security tax, estate tax, etc.

There is a fabulous interview on the Phil Donahue show, which really exposes her mindset and how the TV show hosts of the time really wrestled with her very solid positions that some thought extreme.

Part 1 of 5 Interview

How would Ayn Rand have interpreted Obama as a leader?

I think she would point out his socialist tendencies.  One statement that came out that she would ferociously argue against is his statement:


Obama was trying to talk about the good of the government and its positive influence on society, but also saying the workers more than the owners of the original ideas were responsible for that business.  This is an extreme falsehood.  Only the original founders and idea creators of a business cause it to thrive.  Hence she would defend the creator’s right to most of the profits because the workers had the choice to work there or elsewhere.

Another point she may make is about charges of racism of their opponents like the tea party.  This is classic demonization of the opponents to grab more power.


See any parallels here?

Do you think socialist capitalism could slide into autocratic socialism?

It already has.  In the 1930s, Germans voted in socialists to pass laws on social security, elder assistance, socialized medicine, etc.  In many ways, Germany was leading the world in socialism within a capitalistic society.  Paired with the debilitating WWI debt and economic collapse, this led to the rise of Nationalist Socialists ie. Nazis.  They were elected in to solve the problem of a non-functioning socialist democracy with autocratic methods.  After they were in power, the Nazis slower dissolved any democratic feedback into the system which led to war, euthanasia, medical experiments, demonized minorities, robbed minorities and eventually drove the Holocaust with 6 million dead.

Rise to power


Party worship


Ghettos lead to Death Camps


Do you see any other societies falling into the terrible demonization of minorities?

Troubling enough, if you look at Israel, which was founded as a refuge after the Halocaust and specifically to defend against its recurrence, you see signs of extremism.  The state is founded on religion with little Palestinian input.  You see the power of the fundamental Jews gain more and more power.  The whole of Palestine was put into a massive Ghetto via the wall.  Now you see strict separation of the two peoples driving more racism and brutality and even theft of property of the Palestinians over time.


Confiscate Palestinian Land and Property


Form a country wide ghetto


Border crossing like caged animals


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