Interview on “Ying Yang Bang Bang” painting


What drove you to paint this painting?

I was browsing the Internet and stumbled upon the tragedy of the one-child policy in China.

Why would that policy concern you?

While its noble to try and limit child birth to save humanity from overpopulation, there are dire consequences of the law.  For one, traditionally China has favored male children for heriditary rights and avoiding high dowries marrying off girls.  With this policy, couples have chosen to use abortion as a gender selection issue since they can only have one child.  Additionally, the state even forces women to have abortions even though they want to birth the child.  Many doctors have been coming forth on this atrocious act.


Are there other follow-up consequences to this favoring of male children?

Yes, there are now approximately 121 boys born to 100 girls.  As you likely know, the natural birth ratio is 105:100 with 5 boys not making it to mating age and a 1:1 ratio is kept in balance.

Why is this balance so important?

In China, this rising trend after 2 generations of the one-child policy in effect has led to a scarcity of brides to marry.  Older, richer men tend to get the brides, so this further

exacerbates the scarcity of brides for young males.  Additionally, the old culture of multiple mistresses arose as well with top leaders having numerous girlfriends.  This in turn drives increased protests, violence and prostitution among these frustrated males.  Additionally, criminal gangs kidnap women from the border areas of China for forced marriages or into prostitution.  You could say this is completely corrupting the state from within.


Prostitution ring


Li Guagnian and his 18 yr old mistress

Are there other countries with this imbalance?

Unfortunately, yes.  In India there is also a drive to birth male children over females for reasons of high dowry payment for daughter marriages.  India weddings last a week, so you can imagine the exorbitant cost for a family.  So in India, poorer families are also using abortion to sex select their kids.

One bizarre twist in the West is that couples can now sex select via spinning the sperm around to increase the chances of a girl or a boy leaning slightly more females than men.

Do you see a long-term effect for these imbalanced sex countries?

Well, you can see with the higher proportion of males, they tend to have more in power and use violence on a mass scale ie. war.  With India and Pakistan, you can see multiple nuclear tests going head to head as well as spiraling terrorism out of Pakistan.  In China’s case, you can see the increased beligerance to all its neighbors as it increases its military might.  Perhaps in the coming decades we will see a massive regional war from this extended testosterone.

Do you see a one child policy coming to the West?

Likely, we will not since there are elections to bring up the issues and most people will see the folly of a state-ordered medical policy.  Although we have seen extreme examples of socialism rise in Germany, such as social medicine before the rise of the Nazis.  Under this dictatorship, they started to practice euthanasia, genocide and medical experiments.  Some would say that the inefficiencies in a socialist state led up to a dictator taking power to “get things done”.  As you may realize, we just forced all Americans into health care. Over time these bureaucrat decision making may go in a bad direction if the public is not watchful.


What symbols do you have in the painting?

For one, I have the 121:100 ratio.  The other obvious symbol is ying and yang, which is the symbol of the balance between male and female in Asian cultures.  In the background, I have three fertility goddesses of the ancient world and continents.  Before the advent of farming, humans had no inkling of the connection between sex and child birth and worshipped the female as the creator.  After farming came with domesticated animals, humans learned the connection of sex to child birth and then started to value the male as creator.  This trends lasted into today era.


How can I help eradicate the issue?

In India the group 50 Million Missing campaign is trying to change the mindset of the Indian culture.


Are any works available? 

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Interview on “Crying in the Cairo Curfew” painting


Why did you paint this painting?

When I saw the crowds gathering in Tahrir Square to overthrow the 30 year reign of “president” Mubarack, I knew I had to start a painting on the revolution.  This was the first revolution started on Twitter and Facebook.


How did the social media make a difference?

Social media allowed the citizens to organize its protest groups and outwit the state police sent to disperse the gathering people.  The police literally could not stay ahead of the breaking news via social media.


What were the triggers to this revolution?

I believe strongly that the historic election of Obama and making his speech in Cairo sent a shock wave across the muslim world where no black man had ever risen to power.  Here was a man of the people overthrowing the established powers that be in a visible way.


Why did the Mursi, the recently elected president go wrong?

First, I would say that it was a shame that they didn’t use democratic means to overthrow Mursi.  Second, the Supreme Court prepared the way for chaos by completely dismissing the recently elected Parliament.  That election was not totally clean, but was very important to frame the new Presidency of Egypt and curtail any abuse.  Once Mursi was completely in power he made the mistake of overstepping his power and not seeking consolation from all parties in moving forward.  Additionally, the current mess is mainly due to overly bureacratic government that was there before Mursi came to power.

What were the underlying problems in Egypt?

Besides the dictators posing as Presidents in Egypt, there are several out-of-control issues.  One of the major issues is real estate with 92% of property held without title or basically most of the countries private wealth.  Without title, no financing can be done, so the property is severly underdeveloped.  This is also why most cars are bought with cash, so only 10-20 year cars are imported since citizens can only come up with $2000 – $3000 to buy a car in cash.  Another major issue is that 6.8 million people work in the black market or one in every 12 people in Egypt due to lack of paperwork to make the work or the business legal.  This leads to major frustration as small shops can never become chains or large corporations.  So inefficient large businesses remain in power; there is no positive destruction of bad business like in the West.


Is there a book on this economic tragedy?

Yes, Hernando de Soto wrote an excellent book on the economic problems of Egypt and other 3rd world countries called, “The Mystery of Capital”


Is the painting available?

No, but you can get a print at


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Interview on “What a Jasmine!” painting


So what is this painting about?

This painting was done in response to Ai Weiwei getting arrested by the Chinese police over one tweet! He was sent to jail for several months for tax evasion right after this tweet.

What did he actually tweet?

“I didn’t care about jasmine at first, but people who are scared by jasmine sent out information about how harmful jasmine is often, which makes me realize that jasmine is what scares them the most. What a jasmine!”

Why do you think the CCP authorities responded so harshly?

This was only the cherry on the sundae so to say. As the Arab Spring started to awaken across the whole Middle East, China was blocking any news from the entire area to avoid a rise up in China. There were a few risings in China, which was called the Jasmine Revolution after the tea. The CCP censor then blocked any reference to tea, Jasmine, Arab Spring, revolution on any social media.

Is this the first time they used such drastic censorship?

They lightened up a bit during the 2008 Olympics, but got the feeling they got their fingers burned opening up, since all the protests about Tibet poured in globally as they toured the Olympic torch under guard– the only tour under guard ever. Not even Hitler was that paranoid in the 1936 Olympics! Hitler tried to prove race superiority, but was thrown astray by US runner Jesse Owens.

nazi olympicsphelps

After US swimmer Michael Phelps crushed the Chinese 2008 Olympics with 8 Gold medals, China said he was a “fish” and tried to accuse him of doping after having entered several underage kids in gymnastics. You see the parallels?

You can see earlier versions of Chinese news censorship during various US elections, they only put up the likely winner candidate and no other photo to minimize the feel of freedom in democracy. Chinese citizens never got to even see any face but Obama as if he was appointed as in China.

What does the lettering in the painting say?

ShawNshawN says…
Ai Weiwei says…
Confuscious says…
Chiang Chai-shek says…
Mao says…
Dalai lama says…
Drink Tea!

What are the various elements in the painting?

The main letting “Drink Tea!” had a background of a popular Jasmine tea in Hong Kong on the left. On the right the background is an image of Mao as the Cool-Aid man saying “Drink!” in a funny commercialization. It is a way of toning down the crimes against humanity under Mao with his image used in pop art.

Putin has done the same recently in Russia with his ridiculous poses in every possible Russian sport to hide his blunt use of power.

putin astronaut putin 007 putin swim putin judo putin ski putin beer putin glide

In the white lettering is the outline of the Bird’s Nest stadium that Ai Weiwei helped consult on. At that time, Ai Weiwei was a celebrated artist by the regime as the modern face of China. Ai Weiwei later distanced himself from this project.

birds nest

Why did you get interested in the Ai Weiwei?


Well, I had been interested in Ai Weiwei since his infamous backpack art display. He had investigated the deaths of child students in the Sichuan earthquake, who died due to shoddy construction techniques in their school buildings. The CCP tried to block the investigation, but Ai Weiwei gathered all the names of the victims to list in his studio in Beijing. Later the CCP bull dozed his studio for being illegal.


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